Best 13 Breweries in Omaha NE: A Guide to the Top Craft Beer Spots in the City

Omaha, Nebraska is home to a thriving craft beer scene, with numerous breweries and taprooms offering a wide variety of locally brewed beers. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or crisp lagers, there’s something for everyone in Omaha’s craft beer community.

From established breweries like Brickway Brewery and Infusion Brewing Company to newer additions like Monolithic Brewing and Vis Major Brewing Co., there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best breweries in Omaha. Each brewery has its own unique atmosphere and selection of beers, making it easy to find a spot that suits your taste preferences. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back spot to grab a pint with friends or a more upscale taproom with a full food menu, Omaha’s craft breweries have you covered.

Upstream Brewing Co

Upstream Brewing Co. is the oldest brewpub in Omaha, located in downtown Omaha’s Historic Old Market district. They offer a selection of core beers, including the Firehouse Red, Gold Coast Blonde, and the flagship beer, the Upstream IPA.

The brewpub offers American pub grub, including burgers, sandwiches, and salads. They also offer a range of appetizers, such as beer-battered onion rings, spinach and artichoke dip, and fried pickles.

Upstream Brewing Co. has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with a rustic decor that adds to the charm of the place. The brewpub has a spacious bar area, as well as a dining area with comfortable seating.


Address: 514 S 11th St, Omaha, NE 68102, United States

Zipline Brewing Co

Zipline Brewing Co. is one of the best breweries in Omaha, NE. They are known for crafting artisan ales and lagers with high-quality precision. Zipline Brewing Co. was born from the founders’ innate sense of adventure and their desire to connect with the thrill-seeking spirit in all craft beer fans.

Zipline Brewing Co. offers a wide range of beers, including IPAs, lagers, and pilsners. Their flagship beer is the Copper Alt, which is a German-style amber ale that is brewed with a blend of German specialty malts and hops. This beer has won numerous awards and is a favorite among locals.

One of the unique aspects of Zipline Brewing Co. is its commitment to sustainability. They use a closed-loop system to recycle their water, and they donate their spent grain to local farmers to use as feed for their livestock.

The taproom at Zipline Brewing Co. is a great place to relax and enjoy a cold beer. They have a spacious patio area and a cozy indoor space with a fireplace. They also offer brewery tours and tastings, which are a great way to learn more about their brewing process.


Address: 721 N 14th St, Omaha, NE 68102, United States

Brickway Brewery

Brickway Brewery is one of the best breweries in Omaha, NE. Located at 1116 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102, Brickway Brewery and Distillery offers a variety of beers and spirits that are carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients to ensure well-balanced flavors and guaranteed satisfaction.

Brickway Brewery and Distillery is known for its Pre-Prohibition Lager, which is a crisp and refreshing beer with a light, golden color. This beer is made from a blend of barley, corn, and rice, and is brewed using traditional methods to create a beer that is reminiscent of the lagers that were popular before Prohibition.

In addition to the Pre-Prohibition Lager, Brickway Brewery and Distillery offers a variety of other beers, including IPAs, stouts, and porters. They also have a selection of spirits, including whiskey, gin, and vodka, that are made in-house using the same high-quality ingredients and traditional methods as their beer.

The atmosphere at Brickway Brewery and Distillery is relaxed and inviting, with a spacious taproom that features exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and plenty of seating. The taproom is open Monday-Thursday from 1 PM-12 AM, Friday and Saturday from 11 AM-12 AM, and Sunday from 12 PM-8 PM.


Address: 1116 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102, United States

Infusion Brewing Co

Infusion Brewing Co. is a popular brewery located in Omaha, NE. The brewery offers a wide variety of beers, including year-round and seasonal brews. Infusion Brewing Co. is known for its Vanilla Bean Blonde, a light and refreshing beer with a hint of vanilla. The brewery also offers a Coffee Vanilla Stout, a dark and rich beer with a bold coffee flavor and a subtle hint of vanilla.

Infusion Brewing Co. has two locations in Omaha, one in the Benson neighborhood and the other in Southwest Omaha. The Benson location is a cozy and inviting space with a laid-back atmosphere. The brewery features a large bar area with plenty of seating, as well as outdoor seating in the warmer months. The Southwest Omaha location is home to the production brewery, tap room, event space, and outdoor patio space. Here, Infusion Brewing Co. brews and packages all of its beers.

In addition to its delicious beers, Infusion Brewing Co. also offers a selection of beer apparel, merchandise, and gift certificates. The brewery has an online store launching soon, where customers can purchase their favorite Infusion Brewing Co. products from the comfort of their own homes.


Address: 6271 S 118th St, Omaha, NE 68137, United States &
6115 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68104, United States

Vis Major Brewing Co

Vis Major Brewing Co. is a popular brewery and taproom located in South Omaha, NE. The brewery offers a rotating menu of artisanal, handcrafted beers produced on-site. With great service, amazing beer, delicious food, and convenient parking, it is no surprise that Vis Major Brewing Co. is considered one of Omaha’s best neighborhood breweries.

Vis Major Brewing Co. is known for its friendly staff, flavorful food, and fantastic craft beer. The brewery has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect spot to gather with friends and family. The rotating menu of artisanal beers ensures that there is always something new and exciting to try.

In addition to its excellent beer, Vis Major Brewing Co. also offers delicious food options. The menu includes a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, and pizzas. The brewery also hosts various events throughout the year, including live music, trivia nights, and beer release parties.


Address: 3501 Center St, Omaha, NE 68105, United States

Nebraska Brewing

Nebraska Brewing, located in La Vista, is one of the most renowned breweries in the state. Nebraska Brewing Co. is known for its innovative approach to craft beer and artisanal barrel-aged products.

Nebraska Brewing Co. has won numerous awards for its quality craft beers. The brewery’s core beers include the Cardinal Pale Ale, EOS Hefeweizen, and Brunette Nut Brown Ale.

Nebraska Brewing Co. also offers a range of seasonal and limited-release beers, including the HopAnomaly series, which features a different hop variety in each batch.

Nebraska Brewing Co. has a spacious taproom, which is a great place to try their beers and enjoy some food. In addition to its main location in La Vista, Nebraska Brewing Co. also has a taproom in Omaha.


Address: 6950 S 108th St, La Vista, NE 68128, United States

Benson Brewery

Benson Brewery is a popular microbrewery located in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha, NE. It is known for its gastro pub-style eats, intimate atmosphere, and engaging experience. The brewery offers a wide selection of beers, including mainstays, small-batch, and seasonal taps.

Visitors to Benson Brewery can expect to find a cozy and welcoming environment, perfect for socializing with friends or family. The brewery’s menu features fresh, local flavors and a unique approach to food, making it a popular destination for those looking for a great dining experience.

In addition to its great food and drinks, Benson Brewery is also known for its rooftop seating and full bar, which provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for patrons. The brewery is open for lunch and dinner and also offers a brunch menu on Sundays.


Address: 6059 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68104, United States

Scriptown Brewing Co

Scriptown Brewing Co. is a production brewery and tasting room located in the Blackstone Beer District of Omaha, NE. They offer a wide variety of beers on tap, including their popular Dundee Export Scotch Ale.

The brewery has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, with friendly staff and a spacious outdoor patio. Customers can enjoy their drinks while chatting with friends or playing board games.

Scriptown Brewing Co. also offers takeout options for those who want to enjoy their beer at home. Their staff wears masks and they have many vegetarian options available.


Address: 3922 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68131, United States

Kros Strain Brewing

Kros Strain Brewing is a popular brewery located in Omaha, NE. They offer a wide variety of craft beers, including IPAs, stouts, and lagers. The brewery was founded in 2015 by two friends, Bobby Kros and Scott Strain, who shared a passion for beer and brewing.

The brewery’s taproom is located in La Vista, NE, and features a spacious and modern interior. Visitors can enjoy a flight of beers or a pint while relaxing in the comfortable seating areas. The taproom also features a large outdoor patio where visitors can enjoy their beer in the sunshine.

In addition to its taproom, Kros Strain Brewing also operates a food truck, which can often be found at local events and festivals. The food truck serves a variety of delicious dishes that pair perfectly with the brewery’s beers.

Kros Strain Brewing has gained a reputation for producing high-quality craft beers that are both flavorful and well-balanced. Their beers have won numerous awards at beer festivals and competitions, and they are a favorite among local beer enthusiasts.


Address: 1209 Millwork Ave, Omaha, NE 68102, United States

Pint Nine Brewing Co

Pint Nine Brewing Co. is a popular brewery in Omaha, NE, known for its unique and flavorful craft beers. The brewery offers a wide range of beers, including seasonal and limited-edition brews that are sure to satisfy any beer lover’s taste buds.

One of the brewery’s most popular beers is the Blonde Bunny, a refreshing blonde ale with a crisp, clean finish. This beer is perfect for those who prefer lighter beers with a hint of sweetness. The Blonde Bunny has a 4.8% ABV and an IBU of 20.

Another popular beer from Pint Nine Brewing Co is the Ryce Craft Lager, a Mexican-style lager with a twist. This beer is brewed with rye and rice, giving it a unique flavor profile that is both spicy and sweet. The Ryce Craft Lager has a 5% ABV and an IBU of 18.

Pint Nine Brewing Co. also offers a variety of IPAs, including the False Idol New England Style IPA. This beer has a soft mouthfeel with bright citrus and stonefruit notes, making it a refreshing and hoppy choice for IPA lovers. The False Idol New England Style IPA has a 6.7% ABV and an IBU of 30.


Address: 10411 Portal Rd #104, La Vista, NE 68128, United States

Jukes Ale Works

Jukes Ale Works is a popular brewery and kitchen located in Elkhorn, Omaha, NE. They offer a wide range of craft beers, with 19 on tap, and a full food menu. The Jukes family has a deep love for craft beer, which is reflected in the quality of their products.

During the pandemic, Jukes Ale Works adapted to the changing circumstances by offering takeout and delivery options. Customers can order online and pick up their food and drinks at the brewery. They also offer outdoor seating on their picturesque patio, complete with roomy, covered picnic tables and fairy lights.

Jukes Ale Works has received positive reviews from customers and critics alike. They have been praised for their friendly service, delicious food, and excellent beer selection. They have also been recognized for their commitment to sustainability, with a focus on reducing waste and using local ingredients.

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy craft beer and delicious food in Omaha, Jukes Ale Works is definitely worth checking out. With their wide range of beers, commitment to sustainability, and excellent customer service, they are sure to satisfy even the most discerning beer lover.


Address: 20560 Elkhorn Dr, Elkhorn, NE 68022, United States

Empyrean Brewing Co

Empyrean Brewing Co. is a popular brewery located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded in 1990, Empyrean Brewing Co. has been a staple of the Nebraska brewing scene for over three decades.

The brewery is known for its wide selection of beers, including its flagship Burning Skye Scottish Ale and Dark Side Vanilla Porter. Empyrean Brewing Co. also offers seasonal and limited-edition beers throughout the year.

In addition to its beer selection, Empyrean Brewing Co. has a spacious taproom and outdoor patio where customers can enjoy their beverages. The taproom also offers a limited food menu, including appetizers, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Empyrean Brewing Co. is part of the Lazlo’s Brewery and Grill family of breweries, which includes several other locations throughout Nebraska. The brewery is committed to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and supporting the local community.


Address: 729 Q St, Lincoln, NE 68508, United States

Lucky Bucket Brewing

Lucky Bucket Brewing is a local microbrewery located in LaVista, Nebraska. The brewery was started in 2008 and is known for its high-quality craft beers. Lucky Bucket Brewing’s name comes from the days before kegs and bottles were available, where the only way to get beer was to take a bucket to the local brewery, fill it up and lug it back home. The brewery admires the work it took to enjoy a great beer, so its name pays homage to its humble beginnings, the original Lucky Bucket.

Lucky Bucket Brewing offers a variety of beers, including their flagship beer, the Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager. This beer is a nod to the days before Prohibition when beer was made with all malt and no adjuncts. Lucky Bucket Brewing also offers a Brunette Nut Brown Ale, which is a dark, rich, and malty beer that is perfect for the colder months.

In addition to their beers, Lucky Bucket Brewing has a taproom and offers tours of their brewery. The taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday and offers a casual environment to enjoy their beers. Visitors can also take a tour of the brewery to learn about the brewing process and the history of Lucky Bucket Brewing.


Address: 11941 Centennial Rd, La Vista, NE 68128, United States

Additional Breweries in Omaha

Aside from the top breweries in Omaha, there are still plenty of other options to choose from. Here are a few additional breweries in Omaha that are worth checking out:

Copper Alt

Copper Alt is a small brewery located in the heart of downtown Omaha. They specialize in German-style beers, with their copper alt being a fan favorite. They also offer outdoor seating, which is perfect for enjoying a cold beer on a warm summer day.


If you’re in the mood for something different, check out Seltzers. This brewery specializes in hard seltzers, which are a refreshing alternative to beer. They offer a variety of flavors, including mango, black cherry, and grapefruit.

Crowlers and Growlers

Many breweries in Omaha offer crowlers and growlers, which are great for taking your favorite beers home with you. Some breweries even offer discounts on refills if you bring back your empty growler or crowler.

Granite City Food and Brewery

While not technically a craft brewery, Granite City Food and Brewery is a popular spot in Omaha for beer lovers. They offer a variety of year-round and seasonal beers, as well as a full menu of delicious food.

Jaipur Brewing Company

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, check out Jaipur Brewing Company. This brewery specializes in Indian-style beers, with flavors like chai spiced ale and mango IPA.


Located just outside of Omaha in the town of Springfield, this small brewery is worth the trip. They offer a variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and lagers. They also have outdoor seating, which is perfect for enjoying a beer on a sunny day.

Brewery Atmosphere and Selection

Omaha is home to a variety of breweries, each with its unique atmosphere and selection of beers. When it comes to the brewery atmosphere, visitors can expect anything from industrial-chic to cozy and intimate. Some breweries have outdoor seating areas, while others offer indoor seating only.

In terms of beer selection, Omaha’s breweries offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Some breweries specialize in certain types of beer, such as IPAs or stouts, while others offer a little bit of everything. Visitors can also expect to find seasonal beers that change throughout the year.

One brewery that stands out for its atmosphere and selection is Nebraska Brewing Company. Located on the edge of Omaha, this brewery offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options. The brewery also has a wide selection of beers to choose from, including their award-winning India Pale Ale and a variety of barrel-aged beers.

Another brewery worth checking out is Brickway Brewery & Distillery. This brewery has a unique atmosphere with exposed brick walls and a rustic feel. Visitors can enjoy a variety of beers, including their Nitro Vanilla Bean Stout, which is a fan favorite.

Food at Breweries

Omaha’s breweries are not just known for their beer, but also for their food offerings. Many of the breweries have their own kitchens and offer a variety of food options to complement their beers.

Some breweries offer classic pub fare such as burgers, fries, and wings, while others have more unique options like poutine and pretzel bites. Visitors can also find vegetarian and gluten-free options at some breweries.

One popular brewery with great food options is Infusion Brewing Company. They offer a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas, including the popular “Brewer’s Poutine” made with hand-cut fries, beer cheese, and bacon.

Another great option is Brickway Brewery & Distillery, which offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Their “Pretzel Bites” is a must-try, served with a side of beer cheese.

Visitors looking for vegetarian and vegan options can head to Farnam House Brewing Company, which offers a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options, including a vegan burger and a gluten-free pizza.

Brewery Specialties

Omaha is home to a variety of breweries that offer unique and delicious beer specialties. Here are some of the most popular brewery specialties in the area:


Many breweries in Omaha offer a variety of IPAs. These beers are known for their hoppy flavor and are a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts. Some of the most popular IPAs in the area include the India Pale Ale from Brickway Brewery & Distillery and the Hopluia IPA from Nebraska Brewing Company.

Lagers and Pilsners

Lagers and pilsners are crisp, refreshing beers that are perfect for a hot summer day. Many breweries in Omaha offer their own take on these classic styles. Some of the most popular lagers and pilsners in the area include the Red Lager from Scriptown Brewing Company and the Pils from Farnam House Brewing Company.


Sour beers are a unique and complex style that is growing in popularity. These beers are known for their tart, fruity flavors and are often aged in oak barrels. Some of the most popular sours in the area include the Sour Cherry Ale from Kros Strain Brewing Company and the Passionfruit Sour from Infusion Brewing Company.

Brown Ales and Porters

For those who prefer a darker, richer beer, many breweries in Omaha offer brown ales and porters. These beers are known for their roasted malt flavors and smooth finish. Some of the most popular brown ales and porters in the area include the Brunette Nut Brown Ale from Lucky Bucket Brewing Company and the Oatmeal Porter from Thunderhead Brewing Company.

Unique Flavors

Some breweries in Omaha like to experiment with unique flavors to create one-of-a-kind beers. For example, the Jalapeno Ale from Upstream Brewing Company offers a spicy kick, while the Cream Ale from Benson Brewery is brewed with vanilla beans for a sweet finish. These unique flavors are a fun way to try something new and exciting.


Omaha is a city that takes its craft beer seriously, and it shows in the quality of the breweries that call it home. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or just looking to try something new, there’s a brewery in Omaha that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds.

From the historic charm of Benson Brewery to the innovative brews of Monolithic Brewing, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to sampling the best craft beer in Omaha. And with so many local breweries to choose from, it’s easy to find a new favorite spot to visit.

Overall, the craft beer scene in Omaha is thriving, and it’s easy to see why. With so many talented brewers and passionate beer lovers in the area, it’s the perfect place to explore new flavors and discover the best that the world of craft beer has to offer. So whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to check out some of the top Omaha breweries and experience the best of what Nebraska has to offer.